Coconut Water

Roadside Coconut Water VendorYesterday, I introduced my dad to coconut water in a box. He was very confused. There are several reasons, mainly the following:

(1) Process For Extracting Coconut Water
Option 1: Hacked open with a machete by a roadside vendor who’s carting a string of coconuts along on his bike. (e.g., Left @Karnataka, India.) Option 2: DIY. As a kid, we used a Phillips head screwdriver and a hammer to puncture a few holes in the coconut and up-end it over a glass to drain the water.
(2) Access to Coconuts Not too long ago, my family bought whole coconuts from specialty stores. Most Midwestern markets only carried coconut flesh, either in cans or sweetened & shredded in bags.
(3) Price Coconut water at the store was $3. A whole coconut costs less. Roadside in India, it’s likely closer to $0.20 to get an entire coconut sliced open & served with a straw.
(4) Nutrition Coconuts generally don’t come with nutrition labels. We were both surprised at the high levels of potassium and low sugar content. “No additives?” My dad was suspicious.

Nonetheless, my dad managed to drink half of my coconut water, then told me it was too expensive and complained it didn’t taste as fresh as it should.

Today, when I bought another box, he happily stole another half of my coconut water, smiled, then handed it back to me without saying a word.

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