Argentine Favorites: ñoquis (gnocchi) de 29

Happy Leap Year, Happy February 29th! An Argentine tradition I love is eating gnocchi (ñoquis) on the 29th of every month. Unfortunately, making potato gnocchi is a pain in the tush. Fortunately, ricotta gnocchi makes my life simple.

1 Pound Full Fat Ricotta (strained via cheesecloth/sieve for a few hours)
1 Cup All-purpose Flour + 1/2 Cup Extra for Dusting the Dough
1/3 Cup Grated Parmesan Cheese (Or Other Cheese)
1 Large Egg

Mix egg, cheese, & ricotta together well. Add 1c of flour, in bits, to mixture until just blended. Place mixture on surface dusted with flour, then gently work (with your hands) until slightly sticky. Dust with flour, again, then break of small pieces and roll into long cylinders, then slice into small bite-sized pieces. Boil in stock pot with plenty (plenty) of salted water and cook until they float to the surface, around a minute. Toss in something else delicious such as herbs wilted in butter or many hour braised lamb (shown above.)

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