Peeled Roasted Peppers

#peppers #grilled #sweet#peppers #roasted #grillRoasted peppers, left (mid-process), often require access to a grill, open flame, and patience in taking off the peel. But, there is a shortcut.

My favorite in-home method for grilled peppers (sweet or spicy) is under the broiler. You can also do them over a gas burner, but it’s not super scaleable. You’ll need a good pair of tongs and fresh peppers. That’s it.

Turn your broiler on high, then place the peppers under the broiler until the skin begins to bubble and brown. Turn until each side achieves this look, then immediately place into a ziploc bag and seal it quickly. Leave to cool, around 15-20 minutes.

By placing the peppers in this sealed environment, they steam, causing the skin to separate from the flesh. This means more accuracy and less irritation in removing all the skin, providing you with a gorgeous slab of roasted pepper.


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