Labneh – Extra Thick (Strained) Middle Eastern Style Yogurt

There are a number of reasons to love labneh. It’s creamy, delicious, perfect for both savory or sweet, a vehicle for approximately anything delicious yet still amazing on it’s own. If you like yogurt and soft cheeses (e.g., goat), you’ll love labneh.

Simply strain thick yogurt (marketed as Greek yogurt in the U.S.), in a cheesecloth overnight. In the morning, discard the liquid that’s been strained out and the remaining creamy mixture in the cheesecloth is labneh. If you use regular yogurt, you may have to strain it a bit longer. Diet friendly option: non-fat yogurt works just as well!

When finished either serve it as a spread or roll into balls, coating them in various herbs or marinating them in infused oils (refer to above photo). I’m a huge fan of labneh spread on toast with za’atar (dried thyme & sesame seed mix) and olive oil. For a healthier dessert, try whipping in a dash of ground cardamom and drizzling with honey and pistachios.

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