Eater.Com – National & Local Food Scene Intelligence


How do you find out what new restaurants are opening? Which chefs are being hired? The latest local dining trends? What rivalries are being formed in your local food scene?  Checkout

Positives First: This national site not only has intelligence on what’s going on with restaurants in my town (and many others across the US), it also drills down to the neighborhood level (e.g., Capitol Hill.) Guides, reviews, and industry dirt are available in a plethora of posts. Interested in more than food? Their parents also has sites for those interested in Real Estate and Retail/Fashion.

Areas for Improvement: The site has a lot of content and was a bit challenging to navigate.  For me, in light of the strong trending (demand) for curation within many sites, I’m hoping Eater improves their user dashboard (e.g., a login/profile to track what I like, improved site navigation) so impatient users like me are tricked into spending more time than intended.

1 thought on “Eater.Com – National & Local Food Scene Intelligence

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