Edible Flowers

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This summer, I’ve been inspired by the flowers in my garden and of the San Juan Islands. Gorgeous bursts of unexpected vibrance have been popping up on my plate all season–and the idea of even the clumsiest of floral additions isn’t growing old.

Edible flowers come in a variety of shapes, size and flavors. The most important thing to remember is that not all flowers in your garden are edible (e.g., foxglove and sweet pea flowers.) Like you’d suspect, the flowers of your favorite herbs, fruits and vegetables are generally edible.

What’s more, there are some flowers that we traditionally think of as only decorative that can be a delightful addition to both the taste and final plating of your dish. These include roses, marigolds, lavender, pansies (a.k.a. violets), nasturtium and many more.

Here’s a nice list of edible flowers from my local nursery that includes some warnings about what to avoid.

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